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Upcoming Events

Gardening 101

Introduction To Gardening at Homesteader Gateway with Rita Peterson. Call 780-538-9970 for more information or to secure your spot!

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Interested in gardening, but don't know where to start? Does starting your own garden seem intimidating? Come join Rita Peterson for a class packed full of all the information you need to start your own veggie patch!

Learn things like:

  • When and how to start your seeds, and which plants to start

  • How to start your seeds

  • How to transplant

  • Which plants grow best in our zone?

  • How to use your grow light

  • How to conveniently garden in pots, raised beds

  • Growing your own food on a budget

  • Planning your garden

  • Watering your garden

  • Positives and negatives on mulching your garden

  • Garden soil, what's best?

  • What to grow in your greenhouse

  • How to weed your garden


And more!

Book Club

Join us at the Gateway location for an interesting read, learning new things, and discussing ideas!

Book ClubSM.png

We're excited for this opportunity to get together, learn new things, and discuss ideas! The first book we'll be diving into is "The Neuroscience of You" by Chantel Prat, PhD. It sounds like it's going to be in interesting read- check out the description at the end of the post

Sign up in store to purchase your copy of the book, available by Monday, February 5. Spots are limited.



University of Washington professor Chantel Prat takes us on a tour of the meaningful ways that our brains are dissimilar from one another. She shows you how to identify the strengths and weakness of your own brain, while learning what might be going on in the brains of those who are unlike you. With sections like “Focus,” “Navigate,” and “Connect,” The Neuroscience of You helps us see how brains that are engineered differently ultimately take diverse paths when it comes time to prioritize information, use what they’ve learned from experience, relate to other people, and so much more.

Adages such as, “I’m not wired that way” intuitively point to the fact that the brains we’re piloting, educating, and parenting are wonderfully distinct, explaining a whole host of phenomena, from how easily a person might learn a second language in adulthood to whether someone feels curious or threatened when faced with new information. This book invites the reader to understand themselves and others by zooming in so close that we all look gray and squishy."

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