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Enhance Your Health

With Vitamins & Supplements

At Homesteader Health Foods, our philosophy and our belief is that simply with an appropriate diet and exercise, everybody could be essentially healthy. But of course, in our post-modern society, this is an ideal that we can only strive towards - a journey most of us have to make. And of course we need some help along the way. This is where supplements come in. We stock a full line of vitamins, multivitamins and minerals. We also carry a wide range of natural supplements such as whole food supplements, digestive enzymes, probiotics & omega oils.

Whole Food Supplements, Vitamins, Minerals & Antioxidants

Many of our products are non-GMO and organic (suitable for vegans), and hence a healthier option for people who do not have a balanced diet. These include vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, antioxidants, and enzymes that are all right there in one tablet. It provides the nutrition your body requires for optimal health. Our supplements help promote well-being by decreasing fatigue and supporting the body during periods of physical and mental stress. You can also help prevent various diseases such as scurvy, blindness, rickets, and more with proper supplementation. Some of our Vitamins, Minerals, Antioxidants & Food Supplements include products from:

  • Natural Factors "Whole Earth & Sea" line,
  • Flora "Salus" line,
  • A.Vogel "Bio-Strath" line


Digestive Enzymes & Probiotics

Probiotics – also known as good bacteria, restore the natural balance of gut bacteria. Various illnesses, poor diet and medication such as antibiotics can result in an imbalance of gut bacteria. This can cause digestive issues, allergies, obesity, mental health issues and more. Probiotics/digestive enzymes improve the normal digestive function of the body and help in easier digestion of food.

Detox/Liver Cleanse

We also stock supplements that help in liver detoxification. They support the function of the liver, the small intestine and the bowels to promote proper digestion and elimination of wastes and toxins. This helps to establish a healthy balance of assimilation and elimination and helps to process various nutrients and medicines. An optimally functioning liver leads to weight loss, increased energy, a boosted immune system and brighter skin.


Whole Food Multi Vitamins
Whole Earth & Sea
Whole earth & sea
Bio Strath
Products from Salus



Give Your Body a Boost with Superfoods 

We also stock an array of dried herbs, fresh juice extractions, essential oils and tinctures. Or, maybe you are curious about the latest health discoveries? Us moderns are also starting to re-discover the idea that food can be medicine too. We carry all kinds of tasty, nutrient-dense superfoods that blur the line between supplement and food like açaí berries, goji berries, greens, hemp, chia and flax seeds, raw cocoa, and the list goes on. If none of these options seem right for you, why not try homeopathics? We stock a wide range of homeopathic remedies as well.

Whether you are new to all this, or have exactly what you need in mind, our friendly and helpful staff is always there to help you navigate our shelves and aisles. And, as always, we can’t stock it all. So, if there is something that you don’t see, let us know and we can special order it for you.


Proudly providing certified organic, gluten free and bulk food options

Our Locations

We have stores in Fort St. John, Grande Prairie, Prince George, and Quesnel

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