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Our Suppliers Are Environmentally Conscious and Committed to Natural Living


At Homesteader Health Foods, we believe in stocking our shelves with nutritious and delicious foods, and products that can help you achieve a healthy, vibrant and energized life! To do that, we only use trusted brands to supply us with quality products that are natural, healthy and produced with our environment in mind. To learn more about some of our suppliers, click the links below.

Natural Factors

Tucked in an alluvial valley between Otter Lake and Swan Lake in British Columbia’s interior lies Natural Factors’ certified organic farmland. Natural Factors is engaged in every aspect of their operation, from selecting only non-GMO and non-hybrid seeds to hand picking their Echinacea flowers, ensuring only the mature, nutrient-rich flower heads end up on our shelves.


Flora has been manufacturing a wide range of quality herbal products for over 50 years. Based out of Burnaby, British Columbia, Flora is a trusted choice for natural, organic and vegan products, including:

  • Herbal extracts
  • Medicinal teas
  • Probiotics
  • Vitamins and minerals
  • Nutritional supplements
  • And much more




Alfred Vogel was a pioneer of natural medicine. His work helped bring naturopathy into the hearts and homes of people across the world. Originally founded in Switzerland, today A.Vogel is a company that continues to honour the legacy of Alfred, offering a wide range of natural remedies to treat everything from insomnia to joint pain.




Founded in Germany in 1916, Salus has been a leading manufacturing natural health and wellness products for over a century. Today, Salus offers a wide range of healthy products manufactured in a way that is environmentally friendly. In fact, Salus has received multiple awards for their environmental stewardship. Their product line includes tonics and tablets.




If you would like to know more about the products we stock at Homesteader Health Foods, please give us a call!


Proudly providing certified organic, gluten free and bulk food options, as well as popular items like celtic sea salt, coffee alternatives, and plant based foods.


Our Locations

We have stores in Fort St. John, Grande Prairie, Prince George, and Quesnel


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