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Our Knowledgeable Team is Here to Help you Maximize Your Health

Steve and Trish Brousson are the owners of Homesteader Health Foods and our philosophy is "Feel good.....for life!" We are interested in the well-being and good health of our staff, customers, and family. It is our mission to help people realize their potential and to lead healthy lives.

Steve's own interest in the health food industry began when his mother was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 42 and was given a prognosis of six months. By choosing to use a whole food, plant-based diet, and herb and vitamin therapies, his mother regained her health and lived another 23 years. Trish's interest began when she found herself dealing with a type of lymphoma at the age of 19. She modified her diet, chose a vitamin and herbal therapy, changed her exercise habits, and five years later the cancer was gone. These experiences have convinced Steve and Trish that holistic methods are effective in promoting health.

Homesteader Health Foods has five stores in four locations, with the original store opening in Fort St. John, BC in 1989. We opened the Prince George location in 1998, and our two Grande Prairie locations in 2001. Our newest location is in Quesnel, and opened in October of 2023. Some of our staff members have stayed with us for many years, and because of this, we have a wealth of knowledge that we provide to our customers. Many of our staff have taken coursework in various areas of health, and we also have three Registered Nutritional Consultant Practitioners on staff.

Local & Knowledgeable Staff


The staff at each of our four locations is knowledgeable about our products and services.

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