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Avoid Unwanted Toxins & Chemicals with All Natural & Organic Cosmetics and Skin Care Products

At Homesteader Health Foods, we strive to help our guests make informed purchasing decisions, so they can reduce the amount of toxins and chemicals entering their body. Now, with stores located in Grande Prairie, Fort St. John and Prince George, we’re proud to be able to provide healthy, toxin-free products to a wider area. You may be surprised to find out that most personal products contain a long list of chemicals and toxins. But, you don’t need to be overwhelmed trying to navigate a drug store’s cosmetic aisles, because we’re here to help! We have a full stock of toxin-free cosmetic products and friendly staff happily waiting to assist you.


Our skin will absorb almost everything that is applied to it. Exposure to various chemicals can result in temporary or permanent health damage. Organic skin care products do not contain harsh chemicals or pesticides that can wreak havoc on your immune and reproductive systems. It helps to heal or restore damaged skin cells and prevents skin breakouts, wrinkles and fine lines. Organic beauty products are also good for the environment as there are no harmful chemicals that go down the drain. We stock products from Dr. Hauschka, which are all-natural skincare products. They deliver the vitality of quality biodynamic, organic and wild-harvested plant ingredients directly on your skin. Organic beauty products awaken your authentic beauty, both inside and out.


100% Natural Cosmetics, Skin Care Products, Soaps, Deodorants & More.

Dr. Hauschka Skin Care products are made using medicinal plants, the best natural substances, the results of scientific research – along with lots of care and effort. As 100 % natural cosmetics, these products are NATRUE-certified. However, Dr. Hauschka's own standards often go above and beyond the requirements of this international seal of quality.


We carry all of the things that you’d find on the bathroom counter like toothbrushes, toothpaste, dental floss, mouthwash and deodorant. We also have a great selection of shower and bath products including soap, shampoo, conditioner and even filtered shower heads. Of course, you’ll want to look as healthy and beautiful as you feel, so we have shelves stocked with a wonderful selection of natural makeup, skin and hair care products, and essential oil-based perfumes and aftershaves. So, why not pamper yourself? Get some peace of mind while caring for your body, both inside and out. Want to learn more about our great line of beauty and personal products? Give us a call today!

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Download Dr. Hauschka's cosmetics brochure.


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Our Locations

We have stores in Fort St. John, Grande Prairie, Prince George, and Quesnel

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