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Get to Know the

Homesteader Health Foods Family

Fort St. John Store Staff Bios




Debby has worked at Homesteader Health Foods for 15 years, where she hangs out in her office doing orders and other office work. She loves her job and the great people she works with. In her other life, her passions are photography and music.



Joan began her beloved Homesteader job in 2002. Some things she loves are her skipping rope, her guitar, singing, and writing. Joan also loves teaching health and nutrition and meeting and serving the fine customers of Homesteader.



Julie is currently studying to become a Registered Holistic Nutritionist. Her passion is health and the environment, but she also loves animals and enjoys spending time in nature. She is excited to help and inspire others to live a healthy lifestyle with awareness of how lifestyle choices impact their health and the environment.


Marlene has been with Homesteader Health for many years. She enjoys eating good food, and working with good food – which makes her long-time role in the produce department a perfect fit! She loves to ensure the produce is ordered, put out, and maintained with care so that you get the freshest veggies and fruits possible! In her spare time, she really enjoys a good walk to get her legs pumping and her lungs full of fresh air.

Steve & Trish


Steve and Trish

Steve and Trish have been in the health food and supplement industry their whole lives. Steve has a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in both accounting and management, and he is also a Registered Nutritional Consultant Practitioner (RNCP). Trish has coursework in Homeopathy and much life experience in vegetarian cooking. With Steve’s business degree and the combined interest in healthy lifestyle, Steve and Trish opened Homesteader Health Foods in Fort St. John in 1989.



Annie has been with Homesteader Health Foods since 1999. Over the years she has gained experience in many areas, including women’s health, food sensitivities, ADD in children and other mental health challenges.




Tanya started with Homesteader the beginning of 2022. She has a deep passion in natural healing by use of whole foods and supplementation. She is always excited to learn and share the amazing testimonies from the Homesteader community. Her favorite hobby is hanging with her children and grandchildren, along with camping, hiking, and paddle boarding.



Although Niki's background is not in natural health, she has always wanted to work in the field, and finally finds herself able to work in a community where each individual's health journey matters. She loves the outdoors and has worked as a worldwide travel adventure guide, as well as in the not-for-profit sector in community development, fundraising, and event coordinating.  Niki is excited to continue expanding her knowledge about natural hea.

Grande Prairie Store Staff Bios



Angela has been with Homesteader Health Foods since 2003. She is a wife and mother of 3. Angela’s passions are healing with whole foods, being in nature and lifelong learning.



Cindy has been with Homesteader Health Foods since 2005. During this time she has completed the Applied Nutrition Course, and has gained much knowledge over the years, especially touring many of our supplier’s facilities. Cindy enjoys eating a diet full of colourful fruits and vegetables, and loves to be outdoors in God’s Sunlight.



Sonya has been with Homesteader since 2013. During her time with us, she has completed the Alive Academy course on Natural Health Fundamentals to enhance her base of health knowledge and has also valued the education received in-store, and from touring our supplier’s facilities and organic farms.




Debi has worked at Homesteader Health Foods since 2001. She feels it is a way of helping people, giving back, making a difference and in this way, she is fulfilled and happy to be part of the Homesteader Health Foods family.



Evelyn’s first passion was raising her children – a gift that began her interest in leading a healthy lifestyle. She is always here to listen to your concerns and help guide you in the best direction with the knowledge she’s acquired through her many years in the wellness industry. She also enjoys connecting with you and helping you through the sharing of her life experiences and the lessons she’s learned along the way.


Some of Leah’s favorite pastimes are spending quality time with family and close friends, and being outside in the great outdoors with her dog.



Maeghan has been with Homesteader since 2012.  While she spends most of her time in her upstairs office, you might see her downstairs from time to time. Her position at Homesteader allows her to do what she loves – to engage with interesting ideas about all areas of health, and to invite others into those conversations as well!



Meghan started her very rewarding career with Homesteader Health Foods in 2014. She has fallen in love with health and wellness, having become a certified holistic nutritional consultant from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. She absolutely thrives on working with the customers and maximizing people’s lives, and enjoys learning and teaching people about health. Meghan has a great love for food and enjoys cooking and has hopes of making a positive impact in the world through food!




Christine has been with Homesteader since 2006. Years of private study, webinars, and product training have given her a vast knowledge of the natural health industry, and she loves to share her wisdom and assist customers in any way she can. A mother of two fabulous kids, she enjoys hiking, her pets, and travelling.



Yvonne came to Homesteader Health with a consciousness of well-being that she’s lived with for most of her life. It is a journey that has taken her from looking at how the human body thrives with exercise, to knowing that we are amazing beings that can shine brightly, full of a zest for life - all by listening to our own bodies, living love, and giving ourselves what we need to thrive. She is grateful to live her passion at Homesteader!


Lina has been with Homesteader for 5 years. She always enjoys learning something new and sharing her passion for health with others. Lina likes to spend her spare time reading, doing arts and crafts, hiking, gardening, and spending time with her family and her pets.



Crystal came to Homesteader Health with a passion for whole foods, tea, and helping you to achieve natural, glowing skin from within! She enjoys nature, her family, and embracing health in every area of life. She also enjoys doing her whimsical sketch art, which she uses to create cards, colouring books, and more.



After many years in the health food industry, Kelly has found herself at Homesteader Health Foods! She believes food is medicine, and we are "spiritual beings" having a human experience.



Maronda has recently joined the team in 2023, and has a background as an aesthetician. She is a lover of cooking, animals, and photography, and aims to promote self care in the forms of healthy food, time in nature, and living a peaceful, balanced life!






Judy was born in Fort St John, BC, and raised 2 1/2 hours east of Grande Prairie. She has been married for 49 years and has 4 children and 9 grandchildren, and her history includes coming through the residential schools as a first nations survivor. She has worked in the health food industry for over 25 years, including in her own practice as a certified Reiki Master/teacher, and Access Bas practitioner. She can't deny that she enjoys helping people and seeing the progress they make!
In her spare time, she enjoys crafting, jewelry making, and scrap booking.




Sarah joined the Homesteader family in the spring of 2023, having spent the last 8 years as a stay at home mom. She became interested in holistic practices after a struggle with her own health, and loves learning new ways of healing. 

In her spare time, she likes making her own tinctures and cheering her kids on at the hockey rink.



Kyla joined the Homesteader family in 2021. After having a health scare 5 years ago, she began a deep dive into how to become her own best healer. For the first time in her adult life, she experienced true sovereignty over her physical and mental wellness. A feat that has led her to enroll in school to be a registered holistic nutritionist. She believes wholeheartedly in our body's ability to heal itself naturally, that a healthy body is our birthright, and that we hold the power. Her mission is to share this with everyone. Through determination and accountability, all is possible.

Prince George Store Staff Bios



Jen came on board with Homesteader in 2023 as our produce lead. She has worked with organic produce for the last 7 years and she really knows her stuff! She's had a love of gardening since she was a child, and has a passion for growing food the way it was intended to be grown - organically.



Homesteader welcomed Peggy into “the family” in early 2013. Since then she's enjoyed utilizing her management, marketing and problem-solving skills in the office. On her days off you can find her with her husband hitting the highway on the motorbike, the mountains on the sleds, or the trails with the horses - though some days she just quilts or walks her Chihuahua.



Cleo has been working at Homesteader Health for just over a year now, and it is her first job ever! Cleo loves helping customers at the till, keeping the store clean and tidy, and using her artistic skills to make lovely displays.




Kathy Hart came out of retirement to join the team in August 2020,having a wealth of knowledge from over 25 years in the health food industry. She became a chartered herbalist in 1996, and since then, her continued desire for healing for all led her to many modalities including aromatherapy, flower essences, homeopathy, body movement and breathwork. Her passion is creating the best possible health for all, working from an understanding of body, mind, and spirit health, as well as using food as medicine. Kathy loves the outdoors, kayaking, cross country skiing, and animals and is always seeking peace for the body, mind and soul.



Alisa started at Homesteader in December of 2022. She enjoys learning a new thing every day, and is enjoying the natural products advisor course from Alive. On Alisa's day's off, she loves spending time with family and friends



Cristy is new to the Homesteader Health team – though not so new to the health food industry, which is where she got her first job in the year 2000! Cristy loves learning about different products and supplements for mental and physical wellness. Outside of work, she enjoys sports, hanging out with friends and family, and being a cool auntie to her twin nieces.

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