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Turn Your House into a Home with Candles, Essential Oils & More

A healthy body requires a healthy environment. Our immediate environment is often our home, and the items found within. It’s important to maintain a stress-free space in which to practice your healthy lifestyle. The air should be clean, and it wouldn’t hurt if it smelled nice as well! The water you drink should be clean, pure and delicious. The kitchen should be a place where food is cooked with ease and left with all of its healthful qualities intact.

Enhance Your Space with Beeswax Candles, Essential Oils and Oil Diffusers

To this end, we always have a selection of great quality, practical and healthy housewares in our stores. This includes things to make your house look and smell great, like beeswax candles, essential oils and oil diffusers. If you need the gear to give your diet that extra boost, we have you covered there too. We stock juicers, food processors, water filters, sprouting and wheatgrass growing kits.

As always, there are many items that we don’t stock regularly, especially in regards to housewares. So, don’t forget that there are items such as organic linens, food processing equipment, spare parts and decorative items that we don’t always have in stock, but are available on special order at any time. To inquire about items in our stock, give us a call.


Boost your health with omega oils, digestive enzymes and probiotics

Our Locations

We have stores in Fort St. John, Grande Prairie and Prince George

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